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ARTICLE BY: Alpaca Audiology

Hearing Aid Parts

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 1 out of every 5 men, and 1 out of every 8 women, have at least some trouble with their hearing. Among folks 65 and older, about 1 in 3 suffer from hearing loss. Age isn’t the only factor contributing to hearing […]

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Hearing Health

ARTICLE BY: Jessica Reitz, Au.D.

If I Have Hypersensitivity to Sound, Why Should I Get a Hearing Aid?

Hypersensitivity to sound — a condition that is also known by the name hyperacusis, is something people experience when their ears become unusually sensitive to loud noises. It is a rare condition, and affects about one in every 50,000 patients. Hypersensitivity to sound is often accompanied by a condition called tinnitus, when patients hear noises (buzzing, ringing, whooshing) […]

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Hearing Health

ARTICLE BY: Heather Vaught, Au.D.

What Are Tinnitus Spikes and What Causes Tinnitus Spikes?

The longer you live with tinnitus, the more you’ll notice that tinnitus sounds can fluctuate over time. Sometimes tinnitus is louder, sometimes it’s softer. Sometimes, it’s downright uncomfortable. Tinnitus spikes can be unpredictable and disturbing. When they happen, many people find themselves wondering if their tinnitus spike could be a permanent change. The more you […]

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Hearing Health

ARTICLE BY: Amy Krueger, AuD, CCC-A


We live in a noisy world, and sensitivity to loud sounds can be a common problem. For some, loud sounds hurt more than others — significantly reducing one’s quality of life. Everyday activities such as walking down a street, going to the movies, and dining at restaurants came become intolerable when someone’s noise sensitivity is […]


Hearing Health

ARTICLE BY: Erin Good, AuD


You may be surprised to learn that about 15% of the population in the United States is diagnosed with tinnitus, and of those afflicted, approximately 2 million people have a debilitating case. Unfortunately, severe tinnitus can prevent patients from relaxing or sleeping properly and inhibit their ability to concentrate. They may also struggle with depression, […]