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To Unify and Empower Audiology

Alpaca Audiology is a Negotiating Network designed to protect the profession and future of Audiology. It was formed with the belief that clinics and their respective patients would collectively benefit from group purchasing power.
Unify and Empower Audiology | Alpaca

Why Alpaca

Through Alpaca, each member’s business contributes to the overall collective; which ensures and protects the profitability of the individual clinics. As Alpaca continues to grow, our group purchasing power increases.

Resolution HGResolution Hearing Group provides real-world solutions to everyday clinic settings. They are providers helping providers; enhance their practices with individualized growth solutions that make life easier.

Manufacturer Partners

Phonak | Alpaca Manufacturer Partners
Resound | Alpaca Manufacturer Partners
Signia | Alpaca Manufacturer Partners
Starkey | Alpaca Manufacturer Partners
Widex | Alpaca Manufacturer Partners
Testimonials | Alpaca Audiology

Alpaca has been a great fit for me. I love the price advantage it offers me without any unnecessary commitments. Alpaca doesn’t try to tell me how to run my business by mandating what products I use or requiring any quotas. That is why it is a great fit for Audiologists in private practice.

Dr. Tripp

Testimonials | Alpaca Audiology

Meet the Team

Brian Vesely, Au.D.

Brian Vesely, Au.D.

Stephen Horne

Stephen Horne

VP of Business Development
Joe Alden

Joe Alden

VP of Sales
Mary Mungovan Resolution HG

Mary Mungovan

President, Resolution HG

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Help Unify and Empower Audiology

Your membership will not only benefit your bottom line, it also creates more group purchasing power for industry professionals and drives down future pricing.