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Get the best value for your
business — and fast.

We are rapidly expanding and actively looking to add clinic groups, both large and small to our family. We pride ourselves in providing audiologists with a quick and simple path to sell their practice in as little as 60-90 days.

Thinking about selling
your practice?

Here’s how it works…

Our acquisition process begins with an introductory call where we learn a little bit about your business and answer any questions you might have about us.

We understand this conversation may simply be exploratory and does not necessarily indicate a desire to sell. However, if you do decide to move forward, we will follow-up with a Preliminary Questionnaire and a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Our Preliminary Questionnaire is very detailed — and for good reason. By providing a wealth of information upfront, we’re able to minimize any surprises that might impede the progress of the acquisition. It is our goal to adhere to a highly efficient timeline — and our team will work swiftly to provide a thoughtful offer within just a few weeks.

The Valuation

Our valuations consider many aspects of your practice — not just unit volume and revenues. When determining what gives a practice value, we understand that a clinic’s historical earnings may not be a true indicator of its success and potential for opportunity going forward.

The Offer

The offer will be in the form of a Letter of Intent — thoroughly outlining timelines, employment terms moving forward, and other significant details.

Our offers are not subject to any third party or behind-the-scenes approval process — and from start to finish you will deal directly with the decision makers. We have readily available capital for acquisitions and are eager to rapidly continue our growth.

After signing the Letter of Intent, we are able to close in as little as 60 days pending due diligence.

The Next Steps

Our highly experienced and dedicated acquisition team will oversee the acquisition process and ensure it progresses quickly and without hindrance. You will receive transaction documents including a purchase agreement, employment agreement, and non-competition agreement (if applicable), as well as follow-up due diligence questions from our lawyers and accountants.

Rest assured — throughout the entirety of the acquisition process — the best interests of your practice and patients will always come first. We will make every accommodation necessary to ensure there is no disruption to your practice.

The Bottom Line

At Alpaca, we have extensive industry knowledge and experience, and uniquely understand what it means to sell a practice you’ve worked tirelessly to build.

We have experienced a wide range of post-transaction objectives and worked through a variety of scenarios. From owners who wanted simply to transition out and retire, to others who sought to grow their business by leveraging a strong partnership — to those who wanted simply to alleviate administrative and operational responsibilities.

In every situation, we aim to provide a smooth and efficient transition while never compromising the integrity of your practice and its patient care.

If you’re thinking about selling your practice — the time is now. To learn more about our company or to schedule your introductory call, start the process below. We look forward to meeting you.

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