By uniting its members, Alpaca is truly bringing the power back to hearing professionals. With a2 we can effectively compete against third party insurance, manufacturer-owned retail, and be better prepared for OTC hearing aids. Traditional buying groups were originally created to bring hearing professionals together, increase volume, and drive down cost. Sadly, these organizations have fallen short, been purchased by manufacturers, or decided to use their purchasing power for their own profitability. Alpaca is different! We combine the benefits of direct purchasing with the collective power that traditional buying groups were supposed to provide, and a2 is the proof!

Our members are seeing record months by diversifying their product lines and taking advantage of these $550 premium hearing aids.

“Keep up the good work.  I took advantage of the a2 prices and stock; which is rare for me.  I was able to outsell 3rd party payers and big box even though my patient price was still a little higher than theirs, but my service and offerings were much better.”

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