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Dr. Kevin Tripp | Testimonial about Alpaca Audiology

Dr. Kevin Tripp

Au.D, CCC-A, Sound Advice Hearing Doctors

“Alpaca has been a great fit for me. I love the price advantage it offers me without any unnecessary commitments. Alpaca doesn’t try to tell me how to run my business by mandating what products I use or requiring any quotas. That is why it is a great fit for Audiologists in private practice.”

Clint Keifer | Testimonial about Alpaca Audiology

Clint D. Keifer

Au.D., CCC-A, Great Lakes Audiology, LLC

“As a start-up audiology private practice, Alpaca Audiology has allowed me to achieve very competitive device pricing even when compared too much larger dispensaries. I wholeheartedly support Alpaca’s specific dedication and recognition of the audiology profession as the hearing health service providers of choice.”

Michelle Blanchard | Testimonial about Alpaca Audiology

Michelle Blanchard

Au.D., CCC-A, Tampa Bay Hearing Center

“We have greatly enjoyed our professional relationship with Alpaca Audiology. We get great discounts on a brand we already use without having to change our ordering process. It has been just that easy.”

Laura Campos | Testimonial about Alpaca Audiology

Laura Campos

Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA – ENT Associates of Greater Kansas City

“Joining Alpaca Audiology has been great for our clinic. They were exactly what they promised: great pricing with no pressure and no unit commitments. Joining was simple, and now I continue to order what I feel is best for the patient. I just get better pricing for those same products. Because Alpaca also offered better warranties, my patients are happy too, because they are now getting longer coverage on their devices.”

Kenneth Smith | Testimonial about Alpaca Audiology

Kenneth Smith

Ph.D., ADA Past President

“No minimum requirements or commitments and great simplified pricing.”

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